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Recent reports suggest cash-for-crash scams cost insurers £392m a year in insurance premiums.

This comes at a high price for large fleet owners, with organisations losing vast amounts of money each year in false claims.

The cost-effective CrashCAM™ can save your business money by preventing false claims and monitoring your drivers’ behaviour.

In order to guarantee an increase in safety and efficiency, the compact, forward-facing camera systems allow you to assess if drivers are performing economically and driving safely.

A few well-known problems commercial vehicle owners and fleet operators face include:

  • Staged ‘Cash-for-Crash’ and ‘Flash-for-Cash’ accidents
  • Fraudulent personal injury and exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Lack of credibility from witnesses
  • Conflicting statements from both parties
  • Commercial vehicles being held at fault
  • High fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles
  • 50/50 agreements (where the blame for an accident is shared)

Fortunately, there is something you can do to avoid these predicaments. A black box accident recording system mounted onto your windscreen can prove your drivers’ innocence.

CrashCAM™ Solution

CrashCAM™ can help solve these problems:

  • Provides accurate journey information such as speed and shock data
  • Continuously records drivers’ journey
  • Saves impact data separately
  • Proven to improve driver behaviour and reduce fuel consumption
  • Settle claims more effectively
  • Exonerate drivers’ of blame with video footage
  • No subscription fees or on-going costs
  • Easy to view footage and send video files
  • UK-wide fitting service available
  • Zero maintenance after installation
  • Warranty and UK based customer support

CrashCAM™ Solution