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CrashCam Dasboard Cam Key Benefits

Motorists across the country are turning to dashboard cameras to protect themselves against fraudulent claims that are costing innocent parties thousands and inflating their insurance premiums.

We’re one of the leading suppliers of digital vehicle recorders and in-vehicle camera and sensor systems, and our CrashCAM range of dashboard cameras is designed to give you protection against dangerous accidents and orchestrated crashes.

In recent years there has been a massive increase in ‘crash for cash’ scams, where criminals target innocent and unsuspecting motorists with the intention of staging crashes in order to make claims against them.

Scammers target motorists to become the ‘at fault’ driver. The fraudster’s car will pull in front of the victim and slam on their brakes. This forces the driver to shunt the scammer and inevitably create an induced accident. Fraudsters often disable brake lights on their vehicles to give the unsuspecting victim no chance of stopping in time.

In most collisions the driver of the car behind is deemed responsible. So for the fraudster, the purpose of the ‘Crash for Cash’ scam is to cause an accident for which the other driver will be blamed. The result is that honest motorists are left with the bill, as insurance companies often have no choice but pay out for accidents with no other evidence proving otherwise.

Research done by the Insurance Fraud Bureau show these induced accidents could be costing the insurance industry £392m a year. By exaggerating claims for personal injury, vehicle damage and car hire, claims made by scammers have been reported to cost as much as £30,000.

Claims by scammers have been reported to cost as much as £30,000

It is thought that 1-in-7 personal injury claims are linked to staged accidents where liability is disputed. 74% of the population think that ‘Crash for Cash’ scams are a big problem for motorists in the UK. This type of fraud is already a major issue in countries such as Russia and the US.

Thanks to cheaper and more effective technology, dashboard cameras have skyrocketed in popularity as businesses and individuals have realised how important it is to protect themselves against these fraudulent claims. Dashboard cameras can provide evidence against any front-facing accident and help prove a drivers innocence. The technology is also effective against dangerous drivers or road rage incidents.

These devices are now being recognised by more insurance providers as a tool to prevent these crimes, and some now offer reduced insurance premiums for using dashboard cameras as part of a policy.

The Vision Techniques CrashCAM dashboard cameras come with HD quality footage as standard, and have simple ‘plug and go’ systems for ease of use. Using GPS and G-sensor technology, the devices can record incidents along with data such as the time, date and location for incident reporting.

We offer full support and warranty as standard on your new camera, meaning you don’t need to worry about using your new device. You can find installation guides and how to videos in our support section, or you can always call our head office on 08453 22 44 33 for phone support and guidance.

Using dashboard cameras offers a solution to a growing criminal activity which if ignored could cost innocent drivers thousands.