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CrashCAM™ Simplicity

CrashCAM™ Simplicity

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CrashCAM – saving you from crash-for-cash accidents

The amount of accidents taking place on our roads caused by ‘crash for cash’ schemes is growing fast. It is thought that 1-in7 personal injury claims are linked to staged accidents which liability is disputed. Schemes like this are costing the insurance industry £392m a year.

You can protect yourself from dangerous drivers and ‘crash for cash’ schemes with CrashCAM, Vision Techniques range of dashboard cameras designed to protect you while you drive.

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Impressive Technology

The latest in dashboard technology

Our range of dashboard cameras come with the latest on-board technology including GPS satellite navigation, G-sensor systems measuring speed and vehicle movement and sensor awareness that automatically saves and locks footage after intense G-forces. Many of the CrashCAM range have HDMI, MiniUSB and SD Memory card upgrading as standard.* » Read more
*GPS on Pro and Advanced models only

Analyse Review

Comprehensive evidence

By using our systems software* users are able to re-watch their journey with a complete breakdown of location, speed and visual proof of any event. By using evidence when involved in an accident, you can capture any dangerous driving, road rage or ‘crash for cash’ schemes, as well as protecting your no-claims bonus. You could even reduce your monthly premiums. » Read more
*Software included with the Pro and Advanced models only

Our full support

Buy from a team with experience

The CrashCAM range is supplied by Vision Techniques, specialists in vehicle safety solutions for over 25 years. We have a vast amount of experience delivering results with commercial vehicles across the country and we deal with companies such as Biffa Waste, Dennis Eagle, Johnson Security and Balfour Betty on a daily basis. All our products come with our customer service guarantees and a year’s product warranty. » Read More
*GPS on Pro and Advanced models only.